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Work sucks. Most people realise this. Some people might have a vague sense of uneasiness about work, some people straight-up hate it. Yet, it seems very few people know what to do about it. Even fewer appear to realise that something actually can be done about it.

Many of us may have attempted to escape the daily drudgery of work before, but if you’re like most of us, you probably didn’t succeed. But, the reason why you failed to succeed may have been less obvious.

I’m willing to bet that the real reason wasn’t because whatever you attempted failed miserably, but more likely that you never got around to executing it fully. Because you were afraid. Afraid of failure; afraid that you’d be dumping yourself in a whole heap of debt. Or worse – become bankrupt.

And so, many of us who have this deep conviction that there’s something profound missing from our careers, give up our ticket to freedom and default back to the “security” of the daily working environments (often corporate).

I’ve lived this cycle many times, but now I’ve come to a point where I simply can’t do it any longer. Something’s got to give. But the critical factor here is realising that it’s not going to happen on it’s own – it’s up to me to make it happen.

If you ask any skateboarder about the first time the learned to “drop in” on a half-pipe, you’ll most likely hear that they failed horribly. But there are some lessons to be learnt from this: firstly, they didn’t stop after that first try. They tried again and again (probably skinning their knees time and time again). Secondly, the moment they managed to do it, was when they realised what they had been doing wrong all along. Almost invariably, it wasn’t because there was something wrong with the skateboard, the half-pipe, their weight, or any other external factors. What usually goes wrong, is that the initial fear of falling keeps the aspiring skateboarder from putting their full weight into the action of dropping in. You hold back, with the result that the skateboard shoots out from underneath you at an enormous velocity the second it touches the deck, because there’s not enough momentum to carry you (and you end up flat on your backside. Again.).

It is time to put my full weight into the life I want for myself and stop stepping back and letting the world dictate how I am allowed to live my life.

So many people I know seem to find themselves in this precise cycle, seemingly trapped in a lifetime of unhappy careers, job descriptions, paperwork and other corporate banalities. I discovered that a handful of my friends had not only been through these same cycles as many times (if not more) as I have, but were currently finding themselves at this exact crossroads – the one where it’s now or never…

As a result, this blog was born. We will share our stories as we embark on our similar missions, but with almost guaranteed different methods and potentially vastly different outcomes. As much as it will be a support group for the four of us contributing here, it will hopefully be an eye-opening and enlightening personal insight into this process for those of you who find yourselves stuck in a life you never imagined and wish to escape from.

We’re not pros at anything (except maybe trying, trying and trying again), but we’re certainly going to give this our best shot, and we hope you’d like to join us for what promises to be, if perhaps at times not so profound, at the very least, an interesting ride.

Damn the Man! Save the Empire! 😉


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If you would like to get in touch personally, you can always e-mail us at damn the man at free radical dot co dot za (remove all spaces and change the words into the relevant symbols 😉 )