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The End. And the New Beginning.


I officially quit my job last week Monday. I now have roughly three weeks to put my plans into action since it just happens to be the shortest month of the year (no pressure…)

The only problem is, that I actually really don’t know what it is that I want to do yet. Fortunately, I have at least reached a very clear conclusion about what it is that I definitely do not want to do. That realisation has severely limited my options and choices. There are lots of jobs I could apply for, many skills I could apply. However, my top priority in life, is ethics. Whatever I do needs to be filtered through my extremely strict sense of ethics.

This is, of course, one of the big reasons why I so often find myself in this boat that I am now. But then I never seem to know how to turn the boat around and I often become overwhelmed by the deluge of everything life throws at me and trying to deal with it all while still retaining my ethical stance.

The support group that this blog is, has already proved exceedingly useful. I can definitely recommend surrounding yourself with friends if you’re starting on this path, should you ever consider doing it. Even if all of you are doing something different, with different goals at different places – stay in touch and talk one another through it. I’ve not had this kind of mutual support system before, and I firmly believe that this is one of the biggest reasons why I always end up scared and running back to former comforts, unhealthy as they may be.

On the day I resigned, I was very stressed. Not least of all because literally half of our department had already resigned and would be leaving only three days later and I had not informed the boss of my intentions yet (even though I had decided that I would be leaving before some of them even started working there).

The actual resignation discussion went far smoother than I expected and, after walking out of the office, I could feel the weight lifting from my shoulders. Even though I still had a month left to work, I was free. Right there. Saying it out loud, putting it in writing had finally made real what I’d been talking about since August last year.

But then the other side of that coin came down a couple of days later. After revelling in my freedom for a day or two, it hit me really hard when I realised fully what I’d done. I had just given up a decent job without anything else lined up. Traditional wisdom teaches us that this is one of the dumbest things to do ever. I had a month in which I needed to get my “future” sorted out. How would I ever do it? Continue reading The End. And the New Beginning.