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The Year of Snakeoil

We’ve reached 2013. Despite doomsday prophecies – and their variations that we’d all be instantly enlightened.

Most people will only start trickling back to work from next week. Today was my first day back at work however. I was on leave for almost two weeks. All in all, 10 days of no work-related responsibilities.

The break was fantastic. I feel well rested and I managed to get a lot of personal things done that I’ve had to put off for months. Of course, I didn’t get through half of what I wanted to and now, responsibility calls yet again.

Last night, while driving home from my last film for the holiday, a thought struck me. Even though I felt ready to give the next two months all I could, I realised just how absurd this pattern really was: work 5 days a week, get home on the weekend, try to balance rest and fun but don’t get much of either because there are so many things that you want to do… Then – back to work. Where you waste away all your time doing things you “have to” in order to try to earn enough money to be able to afford to do the things you want to.

We all know this person (possibly even a friend): you go out for drinks, they overdo it. Completely. But it’s okay – they have a KGB pill. They can just cancel out the effects of their overindulgence. Or, you go out for supper and they eat like a pig. But it’s okay, because if heartburn sets in, there’s ENO. There’s a whole market of neutralising or cancellation drugs catering to this kind of behaviour. For fixing you; getting you back to normal when you do things you know full well you oughtn’t have.

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